The development of formal models of cognitive theory

In order to  understand the complexities of cognition, we follow the long-standing tradition of developing computational or mathematical models of cognition. The current focus is on decision-making processes, that we aim to understand through evidence accumulation models.

Recent projects: 

The deployment of cognitive models in human-machine interaction

Optimal support of decision-making requires an understanding of the cognitive and social processes involved when humans make decisions. To this end, the COBRA lab develops computational models that predict decision-making processes. These models are tuned to individual user characteristics and can be used to reveal individual and group differences in decision-making styles. Consequently, we work on decision-support systems that help people make better decisions.

Recent projects:

The application of AI methods to analyse cognitive neuroscience data

Large, multivariate datasets are not straightforward to analyze. We develop and apply novel ways of analyzing cognitive neuroscience data. Often these methods involve insights from machine-learning, but they always start from the view point that analysis methods are ideally grounded in cognitive theory, in order to facilitate interpretation. 

Recent projects: 

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